Our inland vessels are perfectly equipped to handle large quantities of aluminum ingots in a single movement. With a capacity up-to 2000 metric tonnes, we efficiently manage sizable loads, optimizing your transportation costs. We offer dedicated barge service on inducement from +/- 1000 tonnes enabling quick transit times, aiming to load and unload your cargo within a single day, ensuring smooth logistics planning and maximizing productivity.

To ensure a seamless shipment, we also handle customs clearance. Our experienced team ensures swift processing of all required documentation, facilitating smooth customs procedures without delays.

With destinations in the Antwerp region, at the heart of the Ruhr area, southern Germany and destinations in the northern French regions,  our clients benefit from efficient connections to key industrial centers and if request smooth onward transit to your final destination by truck.

Our team of experts is ready to discuss your specific transportation needs and provide a tailored solution that meets your requirements. With our reliable inland shipping services, break-bulk expertise, and focus on customer transport needs, we strive to make your transportation trouble free.

Contact us today to learn more about our compact and efficient inland shipping solutions for aluminum ingots and other non-ferro metals. Ferliner specializes in the non-ferro markets, we go the extra mile and together we can drive your business forward.