Containers by barge

Reliable, flexible, high transport volume, no traffic jams, low emission, very efficient and competitive. Transport by barge has lots of advantages for our customers compared to other means of transport. Inland waterways account for an increasing volume of Ferliners transport orderbook, including the movement of containers.


“Due to a shortage of other transport means, especially for bigger volumes, and moves by governments to reduce transport by road for environmental reasons barge is a great alternative” says Carel Luijk, forwarder at Ferliner. “We recently moved 40 containers from a major Rotterdam deep-sea terminal to an inland destination in just a few days after the arrival of the container carrier” he added.


Ferliner specializes in the handling, storage and transport of many types of metals on their European routes. With 20 years of experience in metal, general and breakbulk forwarding we offer our clients tailor-made transport solutions.