About Us

We are a forwarding company that works with transporters in over thirty different countries, all from our offices in Hedel. We will search our extensive network for the best company to transport your cargo according to your wishes. 
We are committed to open, honest communication. We make clear agreements and keep you up to speed with the transport process, down to the very last detail. We work with a highly advanced monitoring system, which allows us to keep tracking your cargo, wherever, whenever. As a result, we will always know exactly where your cargo is, when it is being loaded and when it will be unloaded.

We are well aware that no two transport jobs are the same and that every customer has a different set of needs & wishes. We like contributing our thoughts to the process and will channel our years of experience to make sure that everything goes according to plan and that all details are arranged to a T. We never embellish the situation and help you set realistic goals. You are looking for a reliable partner to help transport your cargo and it goes without saying that you expect them to deliver your cargo carefully, safely and on time to the right destination. We transport your cargo with dedication, care and attention; at the right price.

But Ferliner does more, too. Transporting cargo from A to B is not really all that difficult, which is why Ferliner likes going above and beyond. We will take care of all the paperwork and red tape surrounding transport, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. We try to find the very best solution for all your shipping needs through smart scheduling and organisation. We prefer combining your cargo with other freight on the outbound or return journey, always striving for logistically optimal routes.

After all, this will benefit everyone in the process: the transporter, who will not have to send out an empty truck; you, because this gets you a favourable rate; and Ferliner, because every successful assignment fills us with satisfaction time and time again. By maximising transport efficiency and optimising the utilisation of the modes of transport involved, Ferliner also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and road traffic.