February 2021

Special metals require special attention, routing and cargo-care. Ferliner received a request to transport over 8000 Mtns metals to multiple destinations within Europe. This specific lot qualified for inland barge transport due to size, weight  but overall economic reasons.  Ferliner arranged the loading, stowage and barging from origin to destination with a very short transit time of less than 36 hours from storage to the destination facility!

We have moved metals in many forms and quantities but this was a special request for speedy delivery of a significant quantity . “This not our everyday volume but definitely and one to remember and repeat plus we had another happy customer”, says Rob Arnts sales manager at Ferliner. The cargo was loaded and stowed within hours in close co-operation with the barge Skipper. We thank all parties involved for their support to ensure the safe transport of these units.

Ferliner is specialized in the handling, storage and transport of many types of metals on their European routes. With 20 years of experience in metal, general and breakbulk forwarding we offer our clients tailor-made transport solutions.