New Tautliner Trailers Strengthening Our Fleet

At Ferliner, we are thrilled to enhance our fleet with three brand-new Tautliner trailers, modified by our valued partner, Trade Port Trailer Service. This addition to our fleet not only signifies an increase in our transportation capacity but also reinforces our efficiency on a specific trade route crucial to our customers.

Customization for a Specific Trade Route

These new Tautliner trailers are not just ordinary trailers; they have been designed and tailored with a specific trade route in mind where Ferliner operates. Thanks to the expertise of Trade Port Trailer Service, we can now optimize both the cargo capacity and maneuverability of our trailers, significantly improving the throughput of goods on this route. Our customers can rely on faster and more efficient delivery of their goods, which is pivotal to the success of their businesses.

Track & Trace for Maximum Visibility

In addition to the physical modifications, our new Tautliner trailers are also equipped with modern track & trace technology. This means that we have precise information about the location and status of our trailers and cargo at all times. This not only enhances the safety of our transports but also enables us to provide real-time updates to our customers. At Ferliner, we strive for the highest standards of visibility and reliability, and these new trailers bring us one step closer to that goal. We look forward to offering our customers the benefits of these enhancements and serving our trade route with even more confidence and efficiency.