Ferliner on Track

Discover the seamless rail(green) solution for transporting metals across Europe! At Ferliner we offer efficient logistics services for the transportation of metals in railway wagons from Germany, the Benelux and North Sea ports to various destinations in Southern & Eastern Europe.

Our core service includes cross-docking metals in wagons, ensuring smooth and direct delivery to end-users. With a remarkable pay-load capacity of 60 metric tons per wagon, we maximize your transportation efficiency, saving time, costs and Co2 footprint.

We take care of all necessary (customs) documentation, making the process hassle-free for you. Additionally, our facilities provide temporary storage space for metals, enabling convenient consolidation and distribution.

Whether we pick up your metals on-site or the goods arrive in sea-containers or on trucks, we seamlessly transfer them into wagons, ready for rapid transportation. With our extensive connections to the rail route operators, we provide flexible and reliable solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Even for smaller volumes!

Rest assured that your cargo is secure throughout the journey, as our covered wagons and facilities offer protection from external elements and e nsure a high turnover rate, optimizing delivery times.

If you seek a reliable and swift solution for transporting metals, try us. Contact us at Ferliner.nl to explore how our cross-docking in wagons service can streamline your logistics and enhance your supply chain.