Ferliner is a forwarding company that will arrange quick, clean & efficient transport for you. 

We are a forwarding company that works with transporters in over thirty different countries, all from our offices in Hedel. We will search our extensive network for the best company to transport your cargo according to your wishes.
We have years of experience in the industry, which has yielded great contacts throughout Europe and enables us to arrange any mode of transport you could want. Simply tell us your wishes & preferences and we will make sure that your cargo is shipped to your location.

Over the years, we have become familiar with every single way to transport goods to virtually all European countries.

Looking to transport cargo to Belgium, Germany, France, Austria or Poland? We’ll take care of it all! We also have ample experience with shipping cargo to southern European countries, including Portugal, Spain and Italy, so we can meet all your transport needs at competitive rates. With the transport experience & expertise we have acquired over the years, we can limit carbon emissions, keep costs low and get your shipment to its destination quickly. We will arrange your shipment according to your preferences, to your country of choice and in line with all your wishes.