Sea Transport & Seamless Logistics for (Aluminum) coils

Are you in need of reliable and efficient logistics services for your non-ferro metals? We offer comprehensive solutions to transport your goods safely across the globe. Sea transport is a vital part of our services. With our expertise in container shipping, we ensure that your (aluminum) coils are securely and

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Inland Shipping Aluminum Ingots

Our inland vessels are perfectly equipped to handle large quantities of aluminum ingots in a single movement. With a capacity up-to 2000 metric tonnes, we efficiently manage sizable loads, optimizing your transportation costs. We offer dedicated barge service on inducement from +/- 1000 tonnes enabling quick transit times, aiming to

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Ferliner Introduces Brand New TMS Software, Enhancing Efficiency and Performance

Hedel-Tilburg, January 2022 – Ferliner, logistics company specializing in the transport of non-ferro metals, is proud to announce the implementation of its cutting-edge Transportation Management System (TMS) software. Developed in collaboration with NextUp, a renowned supplier of modern SAAS solutions, the new TMS software represents a significant milestone in Ferliner’s

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